Monday, October 7, 2013

The Wheel Keeps on Turning

The Fool
One day in 1991, walking home from my job at a sandwich shop to my apartment near Loyola, I passed a tiny shop on Maple Street called Crystal Accents.  Once I walked through the door, I knew my life would never be the same.  I was surrounded by books and crystals and incense, and most importantly an energy I had never felt before—one of openness to things we don’t see but feel.  At the time, I suppose the life of a college sorority girl wasn't providing much meaning for me, and I was searching for more.  A sign on the wall advertised classes in reading tarot cards and astrology, and I jumped at the opportunity, never expecting it to take me anywhere in particular.  I just wanted to see what it was all about.  But after this training under NOLA Psychic Judith Faye, I began reading tarot cards for my friends, for myself, and with Judith for parties and conventions.  

X - The Wheel of FortuneMany people put tarot cards in a box of dark, occult fantasy, removed from everyday life.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and that some force guides us to the cards we choose.  Whether you call that force your own subconscious mind, a guiding force outside of you, or a collaboration of the Spirit within and without, the result is the same.  These cards represent what is happening in our real lives every day.  While they always have the same central energy, each card’s meaning will change depending on the cards around them and the energy of the person who is seeking guidance.  Each represents a single moment on our own personal wheel of fortune, and every person is somewhere on that wheel.  After learning to read tarot cards, I understood the world in a different way, based on the Jungian ideas of the collective unconscious and synchronicity, and the global symbolism and mythology of the cards I was reading. 

Since that time, I have also lived the life of a lawyer, an English teacher, a writer, a wife, a mother of two and a stepmom of three.  I have not forgotten my Catholic upbringing; my kids attend Catholic school as I did.  I live in the “real world,” and my life is pretty mainstream.  But I have always been searching, especially the last few years.  

Fast forward to 2013.  I was driving down Lake Avenue in Bucktown in September, on my way home from my "mom errands" to my house in Lakeview, and drove by a place called the Metaphysical Resource Center.  Major deja vu.  Not having time to stop in right then, I looked them up online as soon as I got home.  It was like a virtual homecoming.  Something in me wanted to reach out.  I called, told them I was in the neighborhood, and asked if they needed a tarot reader.  The man I spoke to responded positively and told me to stop by when I could so we could talk more about it. 

A few days later I walked into the shop in between trips to the grocery store and the drug store.  When I got there, I realized I had met Sid Patrick (the owner) and his friends on a chance encounter in Cassadaga, Florida, earlier this summer.  We had met while taking an orb tour at the Spiritualist camp there.  I was there on the pretense of researching Alice Flagler, the subject of my book.  She was very involved in the Spritualism movement in Florida.  I thought she may have come to the camp around its opening in 1893.  But truly, I was still searching for myself just as much as for Alice.

Powerful Spirit on the Orb Tour?

Magne and Denise were in Cassadaga with Sid, and they were both in the shop when I walked in.  They recognized me and gave me a very warm welcome.  It was Magne I spoke to on the phone.  We worked out the details, and I will be a part time reader at the Center starting this week.

I said I lived in the real world, but I believe that the real world needs a large dose of real magic.  I believe we are still in our infancy in how we understand our own brains, the world around us, and especially spirituality.  When I started The Artist's Way, one of the visions I had for myself was to start reading tarot cards again.  Over the years I have realized that instead of feeling alone and isolated in my deep sensitivity and empathy for the feelings of others, I can help raise the vibrations of others so that they too can understand things on a deeper level. I didn’t know how it would happen, or where, or whether I would be able to find work during the day while the kids were in school.  All the work I had done in the past had been at night.  

It seems I have manifested my vision.  Coming to the Center felt like coming home, much like I felt in 1991.  I am living proof that synchronicity is real and ever present in our lives.  The universe gives us what we ask for—not always in the way we expect it, and not always in our own time.  But in divine time.   

Down here on earth, we are all human beings first, none better than any other, all connected, all gifted in different areas.  My gifts are compassion, intuition, empathy and imagination—vision for how our lives can be different in ways we haven’t even thought of yet.  I hope I can help a few people feel as connected as I do right now.
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  1. Now, I understand our connection. Spiritual seekers in mainstream garb.