Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Few Notes on Disney

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of travel.  Disneyworld, a happy blur of thrills, family time, and bodily pain; Cassadaga, a slowed down escape from life as I know it; and Washington D.C., a reminder of what history and freedom are all about.

About Disney...who hasn't been there?  Do I really need to tell you what it's about?  This was a 7th grade grad trip for my thirteen year old son and his friends.  Firsts for us:  staying at a non-budget hotel (the Contemporary) and getting the park-hopper pass.  Is it worth it?  Depends on how much you've got to spend and what your physical limits are.  

In the past, we've always done one park in one day.  Cheaper, and less pressure to do everything you possibly can till the parks close.  I think I prefer that way.  The park hopper was convenient in that we could take advantage of the extra magic hours at whatever park was offering them without having to have been there all day, and we could jump to whatever park had shorter lines.  But I have to say that we stayed at the parks longer and walked around more than I ever have before.  I could barely walk towards the end of the trip.  I don't think I can take any more luxury park-hopper tickets.  I did like the Contemporary, but any onsite hotel would have been about the same.  They all have nice pools and come with the extra magic hours.  

One great thing I discovered about Disney this time...gluten free bread throughout the park!  This made me happy.  

I know that people say Disney world is fake and under the surface is an evil empire just waiting to take your money, yeah, yeah, yeah....  But we buy it.  And we love it.  And we keep coming back.  And we are happy when we are there.  They have mastered customer service.  And that is a real place where we have real vacations and real quality family time, and really experience people trying to make other people happy.  We are all desperate for a taste of that now and then.  I don't care if it's just big business.  I like knowing a place like that is around.

Yes, I'd be happier if the prices were a little lower.  But I've adjusted my expectations somewhat as I've become more attuned to the process and value of creativity.  And now I pay my money and treat the entire place as a gigantic work of art.  I value art.  People pay big money for art.  And it is priceless.  

So thank you Walt Disney, for making all our wishes come true, just for a few days.  

Most beautiful fake castle in the world!  And most wonderful kids. 
It's grainy, but yes, that is the full flower moon hanging in the sky behind us.  What a night.

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