Monday, November 15, 2010

Healing body, new symptoms

Things are starting to get interesting over here on the old rotation.  Lately I've noticed that my symptoms seem more immediate and more specific.  I've been at it long enough that I've tried things a couple of times before ruling them out, and the results are...well, interesting.

In the beginning, I felt everything in my mouth.  Different parts of my tongue would hurt depending on which foods were being eaten and which taste buds were being used.  After I ate whole foods for a few weeks, the sensations changed.  Everything went backwards and down.  It was my throat that started to hurt if I ate something I was sensitive to, and my ears would be a little sore and itchy.  Post-nasal drip, swollen glands, sore throat, all that.  For a couple of weeks, I was just plain sick.  I think I might have had a pretty bad case of bronchitis, but I thought it was just food sensitivity, or else my body would just fight it out with time.  So I didn't check it out.

But now, everything has moved down into my chest.  If a food doesn't agree with me, I start coughing almost immediately.  Or else I feel heartburn/reflux.  For instance, tonight I made bulgur wheat for the second time this week.  The first time, I felt an immediate tickle in my chest.  My vocal chords and windpipe began to coat with mucus and the coughing began.  I wasn't sure what it was at first, but then I remembered that I had tried a wheat beer a few days before and started coughing then, too.  So now I have a wheat issue.  Same thing happened again tonight.  BOO!  I wasn't noticing a wheat sensitivity before last week.  My theory is that as the toxins are leaving my body, it is healing and able to respond in different ways.  I do know that I cannot tolerate any type of crackers

I have noticed issues with dairy, too.  The mucus production and sore/swollen throat is worse with dairy than wheat, but it doesn't make me cough.  Weird.  I tried grass-fed, organic, fat-free milk with some organic spelt flakes for an emergency breakfast this week and didn't have nearly as much of a reaction as I have to, say, cheese.

Another interesting factor seems to be dosage.  I have been eating carrots without reaction for weeks, but I ate half a bag of baby carrots this week and my mouth was sore.  Then again, I also ate a lot of hummus at the same time, so which was it?  I have noticed the amount of one food I'm eating making a noticeable difference in my reaction.

The body is really fascinating.  I was so overwhelmed at first because I couldn't tell what I was reacting to, but slowly, things are starting to make a little sense.  Does anyone else notice their symptoms changing over time?  I hope this means that my gut is starting to heal and can tell the difference between healthy foods, foods I'm sensitive to, and foreign objects.

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