Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Next Tuesday

It's been a week, and what a whirlwind.  I think I've had every food in the book since I last wrote.

It's really not fair--I have this blog set up called Notes from the Rotation, and I'm settling into a groove, even creating recipes for the first time in my life, and then my nutritionist goes and changes it all on me in one fell swoop.  Last time we met, she listened to me whine and cry about how hard it was to go to Commanders, and she hesitated only slightly before saying something along the lines of..

I think we should start from scratch.  You're too stressed, and your adrenal glands are going to suffer more than you would from the food sensitivities.

So now what do I call my blog?

To be fair, I'm still on some semblance of rotation, but I get to decide when to have what.  Honestly, it's a little more freedom than I was ready for.  She gave the green light for foods I tested positive for sensitivity.  But I think I was supposed to rotate them in slowly, not try them all at once in one meal.

I have to laugh at myself, and be gentle.  TMJ is raging.  I'm sick again.  Another sore throat, fever, ears hurting, still coughing from the last time, and a little queasy.  Could one serving of corn do that to you?  Everything is so confusing.  So tomorrow is another opportunity to get it right.  Or at least, less wrong.

What I am now supposed to be doing is an anti-inflammatory diet plus avoiding known reactive foods.  I'm not totally sure what that means.  I'm looking at a lot of different sources, and anti-inflammatory has many different parameters, depending on who is writing.  Do I not eat any of the "sensitive 7"--dairy, soy, eggs, sugar, corn, wheat, peanuts?  Or just avoid dairy and soy because they have given me trouble recently?  These questions are nearly as stressful as the limits I had before, but life is MUCH TASTIER!  

Live and learn.  Still got a good 40-50 years of living to do if all goes well.  That's longer than I've been alive now, so figuring it all out slowly is okay.  But figuring it out is necessary, or maybe I won't have all those years.  I just want to feel good!

Sorry, no recipes today.  I'm too confused for that.  Just thought I'd update the blogosphere on where I'm at.  Cheers!

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